Quantum CoupeThis is the car that started the marque way back in November 1985.   The oldest surviving example of a Quantum is chassis number 003, which is currently undergoing a complete rebuild by the Quantum owners Club.


Only 17 examples of the hatchback model were ever created.  The development chassis, Q001, was extensively used and modified by the Wooldridge brothers, to such an extent that they eventually deemed the car to be structurally unsafe, due to the number of holes made in the bulkhead.  This car is believed to be in landfill somewhere in the Midlands.

Chassis number 2 was for a long time believed to have been written off or destroyed, but the club were coontacted by a member who believes he owns Q002.  This car was exported to the Isle of Man, therefore removing it from DVLA records.  This could explain why it was believed to be written off or destroyed.  The club committee still need to confirm Q002 exists, but there is no reason not to believe it is genuine.

For many years chassis Q003 was believed to be the oldest surviving Quantum.  It was for this resaon this car has been subject to extensive restoration work by club members, under the QMOPS banner.  While not complete (as of April 2015) the car is due to be unveiled at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in May 2015, so members and the public can see how the car has been transformed.

The last produced Coupé, Q017, still remains an unfinished project, which might, one day, be completed and used on the road.  More likely, due to IVA regulations, it may not be possible to register this car for the road, so it may be used as a show car instead.