For those not at the AGM or Stoneleigh, there was an important announcement made regarding Quantum Sports Cars.

Phoenix Automotive Developments have purchased QSC with the aim of ensuring parts supply for existing owners and sale of Xtreme kits and completed vehicles.

Phoenix Automotive Developments is run by husband and wife team Viv and Rob Hancock, supported by a team of employees.  They are familiar with the Xtreme bodywork, being the company that assisted Mark Burley with the design update for his XT (the slightly updated Xtreme) and they manufactured fibre glass components for Mark.

For the full announcement please click on the image below.

Phoenix Automotive Developments have purchased Quantum Sports Cars


I am sure that all members will be delighted to hear this news and wish Phoenix Automotive Developments all the best for the furture.  This news has also been reported by Steve Hole on his Total Kit Car site. The team will have a new landline number from Monday 5th June 2017 - 01364 388008. The new Quantum Sports Cars website is currently under construction.

Mark Burley is no longer looking after the Xtreme/XT project, but his excellent skills as a OMEX tuner are still available to Quantum Owners and the public in general.