We have been contacted by Gill Wooldridge (recognise the surname?) with regard to a potential tour base in South West France. Geoff and I think this sounds great for a QOC tour in 2013. We have replyed to Gill to say that we will definitly look into it, so watch this space. Please see a copy of the message we have been sent.

Dear Geoff and Carole,


I have taken your contact details from the Quantum Owners Club magazine, and as Events Coordinator there, I wondered if any members of your club might be interested in the following.

I always take time to go through the magazine, and really enjoy keeping an eye on what you all get up to. My interest is there because I have known Quantum since the very early days. My name is Gill Wooldridge, and I am married to Mark Wooldridge, who in partnership with my brother-in-law, Harvey, created Quantum sports Cars over 25 years ago. I love the fact that so many years later Quantum has a life through its owner’s club, and that so many friendships have been formed through all the different social events and meetings that you organise.

I hope you don’t mind me suggesting a possible event for you, and totally understand if you are not interested, but I have a hunch that this could be something good.

In 2007, Mark and I bought a ruined farmhouse in South West France. We have renovated it, and now rent it out for much of the year. The peak season of July and August is easy to fill, but we have plenty of off-peak weeks where we are happy to charge much less for the house, just to cover our costs really. In September this year, we took a group from our local cycling club for a week and they had a wonderful time. The accommodation (which is lovely) only cost them £100 each for the week. They took cheap flights over and then hired cars, and they had food to pay for of course. The house is self-catering, and so this can be kept to a sensible cost. Lots of teamwork involved J Their week’s holiday cost them a total of £350 each. They went cycling, walking, sightseeing, wine- tasting, visited French markets and lunched in a medieval village. There is also a lovely heated swimming pool, and beautiful views across our 45 acres of land.

My thought is, that maybe some of your members might consider the idea of a drive/tour down through France, culminating with a stay at our lovely house Barrusclet, before returning home. There are many options as to how they might travel down, with ferries/chunnel to Calais, and ferries to Caen, St.Malo, Santander etc. and of course lots of lovely places to see on the way. Or, just bomb down and spend more time at the house. I can just imagine a row of Quantums and Xtremes parked around the house. It would be amazing.

The house can sleep up to 16 people in 5 large bedrooms. It would be probably be possible to sort out more accommodation if there was a big interest and some people could potentially camp if they wanted and just pay a smaller charge for use of the facilities/swimming pool etc. I am not sure what campsites charge?

There are a lot of possibilities. I attach a copy of a leaflet that you might use to forward to your members, and I would be very happy to discuss this idea with you over the phone.

I really hope to hear from you soon, and hope that we might be able to plan something for the future.

Best Regards,

Gill Wooldridge

Our website is www.fabulousfrance.co.uk

While we are not yet half way through 2013 it would be nice to receive feedback from interested members, so we can book some dates for 2013 early, allowing plenty of time to save.