Project Aims

The aim of the Quantum Mark One Preservation Society (QMOPS) is to restore and preserve the clubs oldest models , the Mark I Coupé. This cars are hugely important and significant to the Quantum Owners Club (QOC), as without them Quantum Sports Cars (QSC) would not have started and the QOC wouldn't exist. The restoration of Q003 is the initial priority due to the significance this car has being the oldest surviving Quantum.

The car, Q003, has been very kindly donated to the QOC by Jim Hearne, who bought the car himself, with the aim of restoring it, but time and other project prevented him from starting the job. In May 2009 Jim offered the car for sale to club members when the QOC Committee (QCOM) decided to take ownership of the car and the project to restore it. Jim also owned Q017, which was the last Coupé ever made, which he has also donated to the club. This car has never been completed, so the club have plans to finish this, but the priority is to get Q003 restored.

Project Team

The QCOM has pulled together a sub-committee to oversee the project and keep it moving forward to meet the project aims.

ChairmanEddie Ruskin – Oversee the entire project and assign out tasks to committee member and other volunteers

TreasurerJudith and Paul Fennings – Set the project budget and handle the project finances. Work with the QOC Treasurer to obtain funds

Logistics Carole and Geoff Ward – Arranging logistics for the project as the car is transported around the country for work to be completed

SecretarySteve Kodz – Keep notes and minutes from any meeting and liaise with the QOC Editor to keep the club membership informed about progress. Document the entire process and all parts required

Commercial LiaisonEddie Ruskin – Work with companies to get discounts, deals and/or sponsorship

QOC Volunteers – Club members how can supply time and/or skills to complete the project

QCOM – The QCOM have ultimate responsibility for this project

Project Funding

The funding for this project is coming from the commission paid to the QOC by Footman James for the insurance policies sold to club members. Without this commission the funds would have to come from the QOC's general income, which would put a huge strain on the club.

Initial Tasks

  • Delivery car and parts to barn in Dorset for storage – Completed 25th July 2009

  • Inventory of parts received – Completed 26th July 2009

Preparation Works

  • Remove glass from body shell – preserve windows rubbers as much as possible – Start 12th December 2009

  • Remove all other items from the body shell, except those required to move and steer the car – Start 12th December 2009

  • Strip all paint from the inside and outside of the body shell – Start 12th December 2009

  • Do not separate any panels from their inner skins, as Eddie Ruskin wants to perform all this work himself, with the aid of jibs to prevent any distortion of the fibre glass.

Bodywork Repairs

Eddie Ruskin is donating his time and expertise to rebuild the bodywork, creating moulds in the process, so that any MkI Coupé can potentially be easily repaired.

  • Rebuild front section of the car to repair damage and delamination

  • Rebuild bonnet

  • Rebuild ailgate

  • Rebuild doors


  • Engine

  • Electrics

  • Interior

  • Full respray in original colour

  • Car to be signed by Wooldridge brothers, Harvey, Mark and Peter



  • Perform ownership change so the V5 shows the QOC as the owner

  • MoT, Insure and Tax the car


Present the car to the club membership at the Stoneleigh AGM for the club's 25th year. Finally, have the car stored and on display at either the Black Country Museum or Midlands Motor Museum.