With 2014 just around the corner we don't have much time left to meet the self imposed deadline of having Q003 ready for the QOC's 25th birthday celebrations in 2015.  Therefore Andy Heaton is taking on the QMOPS Chairman role to push this project forward.  Below are the current dates we have planned for 2014.

February 22nd-23rd

March 8th-9th  -This has just past and Q003 is now relocated to work on in a garage. Q017 is now in storage

March 29th-30th  - The plan for this weekend is to cut the nose off Q003 and graft on the new one

April 18th-21st (Easter Weekend)

If you are interested in getting involved to help out or learn new skills, please get in contact with either Steve Kodz or Andy Heaton.

New Dates

In addition to the above dates, many of which have now passed, please put the following dates in your diary and provide assistance where possible.

May 17th/18th - Sanding back the join on Q003's new nose and generally preparing the body shell for spraying.  It will be dusty.  Don't worry, there will be the QMOPS curry on the Saturday evening.

May 31st - Planned work will be added here

July 5th - Planned work will be added here

Further Dates - Note Some Have Changed!

July 20th - Provisional.  Please contact Steve Kodz before travelling

August 2nd-3rd - Q003 should be in the body shop, so working on other areas

August 30th-31st - QMOPS and Bournemouth Air Show - Check with Andy Heqaton for details

September 20th-21st - Saturday at the Dynamic Mouldings open day, to hopefully see the Q003 bodyshell after it is sprayed.

Further Information Added

October 4th - 5th10 till 5 Starting the build up of Q003 at Eddie Ruskin's garage in Yate. Rreassemble rear axle, rear brake system and parking brake, fit fuel tank. Install heater box and seal, reassemble clutch brake and throttle box and install, seal to bulkhead.  Trial fit headlights and adjust as required, trial fit front indicators and adjust as required. Refit and seal all rear lights to shell. Fit door striker pins and hinges  trial fit doors, shim as required.

October 25th - 27th10 till 5 at Eddie Ruskin's garage in Yate.  Reassemble and fit front steering rack front suspension, tie bars and roll bar. Fit fuel pipes and secure to body.  Fit brake pipe's and secure to body.  Reassemble door glass, rubbers, window winding systems and locking mechanisms.

November 15th - 16th10 till 5 at Eddie Ruskin's garage in Yate.  Install wiper linkage and motor. Fit bonnet release panel and fit release cable. Fit brake servo and bar and attach to pedal box.  Fit steering column assembly attach bonnet release cable and trial fit dashboard for best fit. Fit clutch, choke and throttle cables. Fit hinges and shooting pins to bonnet. Fit bonnet and stay adjust as required. Refit tailgate and locking mechanism, attach struts adjust for best fit.

November 29th - 30th10 till 5 at Eddie Ruskin's garage in Yate.  Install wiring loom and earth return system. Fit all other engine bay ancillaries.

That concludes 2014.

We may find that some of the jobs will be completed sooner and therefore the schedule may change. The targa panel will need to be fitted along with the glass and rubbers after return from the upholsterer's. This will then allow us to transport a water tight vehicle back to Steve's in Surrey for the following works to be completed. Seats, seat belts interior ancillaries dashboard clocks etc.  Engine and gearbox and drive shafts to be fitted in February. All electrics to be tested and levels checked bleed braking system and road test.