After the club's AGM at Stoneleigh this year we can announce the members of the QOC Committee for the membership  year 2014-2015.

The majority of the committee remain the same with the main change being that the Web Officer Russell Wilcox stood down and has been replaced by Graham Gray.

Vince Orme announced that he plans to stand down as Merchandising Office next year, therefore Jo and Graham Gray will be working alongside Vince this year, with the aim of taking over the role completely next year.  Most club members have probably only ever know 1 Merchandising Office, such is the length of service that Vince has provided to the club.  He will be missed, but the committee are very grateful for the notice Vince has provided.

Remember the club is run but a committee who volunteer their time.  Each year at the AGM all committee posts are open for election to be filled by any paid up member and voted in by those present at the AGM.  There is scope for most positions to be shared and the committee would welcome new faces to lend a hand.