Special news

Quantum Sports Cars.

2010 was an interesting year with Quantum Sports Cars being split, this gave some concern and we have seen the emergence of Quantum sports cars (2010) ltd under the new management of Mark Burley of MB MOTORSPORTS. After a recent interview with Mark at the Exeter kit car show, he has taken on board some of the recommendations from Xtreme owners as to how they would like to see the product improve and is willing to talk to any owner on this matter. The main updates will be to the body and Omex powered range of engines. Mark will be fully supporting the old models and the new components can be retro-fit table.

Mark is working on the new updated version and is convinced he will be able to unveil his reworking of the Quantum Xtreme in Jan at the Autosport show NEC Birmingham between the 13th and 16th I shall be attending on the Sat 15th so if other members would like to attend and show support we could meet up and convoy to the event.

Quantum Heritage

I have received several phone calls and e-mails from members who have been trying to contact Quantum Heritage, but John and Rosemary have not returned calls which is a real shame, I too have been ignored! Which I really do not appriciate. So after a little investigation to find out what is going on, trying to find solutions for the members being ignored, Quantum Heritage is up for sale and one company is actively looking to purchase. I can appriciate John and Rosemary are looking to retire and we wish them every happiness in the future but to treat members in this manner is not acceptable and bad business practice. I do hope we can get a swift resolve.

I have spoken to Mark at QSC (2010) ltd and he is willing to support members of all the models wherever he can. Just remember members you have a vast amount of knowledgeable members in the team so please call for advice and we shall endeavor to help.