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Untimed practise day at Curborough sprint course , Lichfield , Staffs

UPDATE Bookings in general are going well and at the time of writing (28th April) over ½ the QOC places taken . Please get your entry in asap if you're interested (don't forget there's no financial penalty if you later have to cancel – as long as I can rebook the place).

For over twenty years now Carlton motor club has held an untimed practise day at Curborough sprint course .
For yet another year members of HRCR and also Quantum Owners Club (QOC) are invited .
The day is booked for Saturday 19th October 2019 .

A brief summary of the day:

  • Informal untimed practise day
  • Only one car on the track
  • Only safety requirement is crash helmet required for all occupants (but needn't be latest spec)
  • Noise test which all normal cars should pass (enquire if your car's loud)
  • On-site catering & toilets

The cost this year for a car is unchanged @ £40.
(QOC members pre-book a number of places @ discounted rate)

Good value for a full day on the track.

There is also an additional nominal charge of £5 per person for passengers/second drivers. HOWEVER for every eight persons so booked the maximum number of cars will be reduced by one. This will mean more track time for all. This will be mean a lesser number than previous years so be warned to get your entry in early. Later enquiries will be placed on a reserve list.

Contact the organiser to book your place - indicating how many cars (@ £40 each ; QOC members £35 each) plus how many passenger/ second driver (@ £5 each).
All bookings will be confirmed (& you will be advised if you are on the reserve list).
If you've not been before you will need to send a cheque to confirm your booking (its not cashed until after the event though).

Any other questions please ask

Final details will be sent by the weekend before.

Vince Orme

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