The Severn Valley Railway Classic Vehicle Day 2018 is scheduled for Sunday 29th July and the entry form is available by clicking here.

CLASSIC VEHICLE DAY is currently scheduled to run with a frequent train service from either end of the line (Kidderminster and Bridgnorth) on Timetable A. Classic cars and car-derived commercials from all eras are welcome and I look forward to receiving your entry. We have 160 spaces to allocate for vehicle display and, as last year, we will employ a selection process if applications exceed the number of spaces available.

Entries will close on 16th March 2018.

Selection will take place immediately after this date and you will receive notification of the results of this early in April. All entrants will receive one free full-line ticket and for one passenger a Concessionary travel voucher, which will be available to entrants on the day. Full details of the event will be sent out with the final instructions.