Here is a photographic guide to fitting a Zetec engine into a 2+2.  Most 2+2s were sold with a engine subframe designed for a CVH engine.  Where the Zetec has a 16v head and is slightly longer, a few minor modifications need to be made to the offside engine subframe.  Some people have additionally needed to modify the lower front cross member to clear the exhaust, but wasn't required in this installation.

The gallery below concentrates on the modifications needed to the engine subframe.  More details about the conversion can be found on Zetec engine into a Mk2 Fiesta.  Here you can find more information about wiring the ECU and engine wiring loom into the Mk2 Fiesta.  Additional information can be found on Jim Hearne's excellent website.



2+2 minus nose cone with tired CVH engine

Quantum 2+2 minus nose cone with tired CVH engine

Quantum 2+2 with old CVH engine removed

Quantum 2+2 with old CVH engine

Quantum 2+2 empty engine bay

Quantum 2+2 empty engine bay

Surface rust on Quantum 2+2 engine subframe

Off side lower chassis rail is cut in half, then welded together at half the original thickness

SHow the chassis rail cut from the inside

Extra strength is put back by adding box section along the top

Additional box section to add strength is welded in place

Quantum 2+2 off side CVH engine mount has mounting lug cut and tack welded into new position for the Zetec engine

Quantum 2+2 has temporary brack welded in place before cutting the top off side chassis rail

Quantum 2+2 top chassis rail is cut, straightened and tack welded into new position

Quantum 2+2 chassis rail modified to clear Zetec head

Quantum 2+2 with Zetec engine trail fitted to check clearances

Quantum 2+2 with tight clearance by the pulleys

Zetec cambelt cover is touching engine mount on Quantum 2+2

Tab on Zetec engine is tight on engine mount

Quantum 2+2 tidied engine bay ready for Zetec engine to be fitted