The available speedo drives for the Ford FWD IB5 gearbox are:

  • Finis code 6737566    18 Teeth Green, only used on Escorts.
  • Finis code 6737567    19 Teeth Red, used on some Escorts, Focus and Ka.
  • Finis code 6737568    20 Teeth Brown, used on Fiestas, Pumas and some Ka

The drive gear is always the same which is good as it's inside the gearbox. The easy, if destructive, way to get the miles/roll pin out is with a big pair of wire cutters, grasp the pin with the cutters where the end sticks out (there should always be a little bit sticking out) with the flat side of the cutters against the gearbox casting, you can then push the cutters (while still grasping) towards the gearbox pivoting on the casting and giving you a massive leverage effect against the pin which you have got a good grip on because the cutters have dug into the pin. Lever it out a few mm and then get a new grip on the pin. Tends to kill the pin a bit but they are cheap. Finis code 6871798, cost 21 pence.