Passed MOT today with perfect rear brakes!!

I went last week to the local Ford garage and was lucky to meet a friendly mechanic. He sad that he nor his colleagues never ever had to replace a brake press limiting valve. According to him it is just a tube with a ball inside. It can't brake down.

The problem should be found in either the wrong brake cylinder diameter or in the rear self brake adjuster.

  • New brake shoes come with a new adjuster but also check the counter brake part. It should have good crisp 'teeth'

  • Procedure. install (new) brake shoes and then the last action should be to release the adjuster, install the brake drum and if needed bleed the cylinder.

  • Do not touch the hand brake!!

  • First press the brake pedal several times so that the adjuster will set it self to the brake pedal.

  • Should you pull the hand brake first than the adjuster will set it self for the handbrake resulting in not optimal braking when using the brake pedal!!

I checked the cylinder diameter - 17mm, replaced the counter brake part - new sharp teeth!! - and followed the procedure above.

Resulting in perfect brakes....   at last.