I know that numerous 2+2 and coupé owners have upgraded their brakes and so here is a servo and master cylinder upgrade which dramatically reduces the pedal travel experienced with larger calliper mods.

Master cylinder source: 1991 escort 1.6 estate (25mm bore size)
Servo Source : as above

Changes required

  • One diagonal pair of pipes need the fittings swapped over (big to small and small to big) to retain the correct split diagonal arrangement.
  • Change the servo end lever on the transfer bar to 70mm centre length (from 55mm as was on mine)
  • Lower the servo mounting brackets by 15mm (if you raised the transfer bar to accommodate the extended lever)
  • Space or otherwise distance the servo mounting bolts to the servo bracket by 25mm to allow for the longer push rod of the escort servo(i cut and welded back on 25mm longer).

 The escort servo was 25mm larger diameter than the xr2 one i had fitted.

Picture 1 shows overview on master cylinder , the two fittings on the side (not underneath) are the ones needing swapping over to keep the split diagonal.

Picture 2, a general view of the reservoir.

Picture 3 shows the raising of the transfer bar in the original bracket to accommodate the extended length of the lever arm.

Picture 4 shows the added section to space the servo from the existing bracket(old flange cut off and new one welded back on but longer), also again showing the raising of the transfer bar bushing.

Hope you find this useful