The Quantum Saloon should be a good handling car, however my Saloon always wallowed about and the handling wasn't what I expected.


When I bought my Saloon it was fitted with energy saving tyres, which didn't help the handling.  Changing these to something more sporting has helped.  Currently I have Yokohama AS01 tyres fitted, which improved things some what.

However, it was speaking to Eddie Ruskin at Stoneleigh which set me off on the path of replacement bushes.  Since the Saloon has a hybrid front suspension the following bushes are recommended by Eddie:


2x Escort MkIII Tie Bar Bush - these connect the front anti-roll bar to the track control arm

2x Anti-Roll Bar Bush - You need to ensure you get the correct diameter - my car was 24mm and I believe 22mm is the other diameter


4x Rear Tie Bar - Eddie says these should be replaced with the front to keep the geometry correct


The results are fantastic.  So far I have only been out on a short ~15 mile test drive, but the whole car feels so much better.  The car is obviously a lot stiffer, but not uncomfortably so.  The front end feels a lot more positive and the wheels are no longer moving about independently of the steering inputs.  Pushed hard round a round-a-bout produces a sport car like response, as it just does as asked and goes round quickly.  I cannot begin to explain how much better the car is to drive hard.

In summary, if your Saloon feels sloppy and isn't handling that well take a look at your bushes, as replacing tired rubber bushes with Poly bushes could be £75 well spent and a complete transformation to your car's handling!