The Classic at Silverstone logoThe Quantum Owners Club have been accepted for a club stand and discounted entry for members of the club to the Classic at Silverstone 2022.  The event dates are the weekend of Friday 26 August through Sunday 28 August 2022.  Club members should log in the Quantum Owners Club website to access our booking code.


F1 cars at the Silverstone ClassicWe have been provided with prices for 2022 and those listed below will only apply to fully paid up club members and I believe are significantly cheaper than those for the general public, plus if you drive your Quantum you can park within the infield area on the club stand.  Having attended the Silverstone Classic over recent years I can highly recommend the 3-day tickets as fantastic value for money.  Not only do you get 3 days watching historic and classic vehicles on the full Grand Prix circuit at Silverstone, but you also have access to the paddock and pit garages, so can stand right next to all the cars.  Clubs celebrating anniversaries can be selected for parade laps during the lunch breaks, so hopefully the QOC will be selected as 2022 is 30 year since the Quantum 2+2 was launched.

The information below is subject to change and booking is now open soon as we have been accepted for a club stand.  


The information below explains the car club display package prices that are uniquely available to your car club members. The information included on this page will be sent to you when your application has been reviewed and accepted.

Mini in the pits at the Silverstone ClassicInclusions
The package includes two adult general admission tickets (one for the driver and one for the passenger) and one infield vehicle display pass for your allocated club display area. 

The package can only be purchased by a club member using the unique booking code dedicated to each individual car club. 

There are three pricing periods for car club display package sales with the last pricing period ending on 31st May 2020 giving the Silverstone Classic Car Club Team sufficient time to plan the layout of the infield and provide you and your members with more detailed information prior to arrival onsite, including club infield display area location and entrance route to venue. Please note that tickets are subject to availability and some car club display package ticket types are likely to sell out prior to 31st May 2022, which is the deadline for purchasing a club package. Please advise your members to book early to avoid disappointment.

Note that these club packages are prices for 2 adults, plus a Quantum to park inside the circuit.  Even if your Quantum might not make the event you can still take advantage of the club packages as they represent fantastic value for money.

There is no extra booking fee on top of the package prices shown below, but availability may be limited.

Club Display Packages

New for 2022, there are two-tiers of pricing for display packages, but Quantums will only qualify for the post 1982 packages. This is in response to feedback, enabling us to a) encourage older, classic cars to join us and b) prioritise the oldest cars for the central display areas. Please see the pricing chart below for the Quantum prices.

3-Day Weekend - £135
Friday - £75
Saturday - £109Jaguars on a club stand at the Silverstone Classic
Sunday - £99

Booking Process

The car club package booking process has undergone a few changes to simplify the booking
journey. In particular:

  • All ticket purchasers will need to create a new account with Silverstone to purchase
  • The unique car club booking code is required at the beginning of the booking process.
    Once entered the car club packages and prices will be displayed.
  • The car club member will be required to complete their vehicle details: make, model,
    registration, year, and colour during the booking process and prior to completing the

If you are interested please contact Steve.