I bought the car in a pretty sorry state in 2020 & have refurbished it, so it’s now in very good condition.
The smoky carburettor 1.4 CVH has been swapped for an injected 1.8 Zetec with the Ford throttle body, idle sped control valve & OMEX 600 ECU - set up on a rolling road – 131 bhp, the car usually makes around 44 MPG, more on a run.
All the other running gear is XR2, front discs & pads replaced with EBC green stuff.
The wiring was a mess, it’s all been sorted out & corrected.
Roll over bar added.
Front suspension is by GAZ adjustable struts.
All tyres are good – the rear two are brand new Uniroyal RainSport – ideal on a light car.
The front subframe was stripped & re-painted when the engine was changed.
The gear change has been re-bushed.
The battery has been moved to the boot under a false floor which also hides the spare wheel.
Compomotive 7 spoke wheels, which suit the car perfectly.
Double Duck hood (not vinyl).
Too many things have been replaced to mention them all, but apart from the above, it has new:-
Engine sensors Starter motor Alternator Battery Air filter
Cam belt Idle Speed Control Valve Fuel Hoses
The car has been on a road trip round Wales with no issues apart from a few teething troubles (now properly fixed).
The car is not perfect – it’s a 20 year old kit car, there are a few cracks in the gel-coat & the interior is no better than “OK” – there are no rips or burns, it’s just 20 years old. But it drives as it should & everything works.
I bought it as a project & have now bought (& just about finished) another project, so I’d like the space back. I think it’s worth around £3,000, I’ve spent a lot more than that on it. If you like the sound of it, come & see it & make me an offer.


Engine Size: 1800


Tony Hart
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