Starting in March 2010 the Quantum brand of hand-built British Sports Cars started to be split into separate companies.  The latest change happened in mid-July 2012.


The initial split saw Mark Burley setting up Quantum Sports Cars (2010) and taking on the Xtreme project.  Meanwhile the original company became known as Quantum Heritage, still under the ownership of Rosemary and John Sampson.  In late 2010 the Sampsons sold off most of the other Quantum products to Eddie Ruskin, who traded as Quantum Kit Cars until July 2012.  This company is looking after the Coupé, Saloon, 2+2 and H4 models, while Quantum Heritage offer the Napier and Sunrunner models.
From mid-July 2012 Mark Burley took on the Coupé, Saloon, 2+2 and H4 models from Eddie Ruskin, which now means there are only 2 companies currently looking after the Quantum marque.


All a bit confusing right?  Well hopefully the information below will provide you with the correct contact details for the support of your Quantum model.


Quantum Sports Cars (2010)

Owner: Mark Burley

Contact: 01548 550 660


Models supported: Coupé, Saloon, 2+2, H4, Xtreme and XT (XT is the mkII Xtreme)


Quantum Heritage

Owner: Rosemary and John Sampson

Contact: 01548 550 990


Models Supported: Napier and Sunrunner


Finally, don't forget that the Quantum Owners Club is very alive and kicking, welcoming owners of all the different Quantum models and will actively support all the cars.